Monday, October 29, 2012


the weather was.  perfect.  
my weekend consisted of
a hike that was very icy and snow covered at the top and muddy and slippery all the way down
friends over for movies 
cards with the ladies
a very long walk that landed me in hot water
gluten free pizza
a partially cleaned house
a partially washed car
a clean dog
a trip to the dentist.  they couldn't fit the xray things in my mouth.  3 people tried, including the dentist.  i shit you not. but, my teeth are now clean and i have no cavities.
not a single meal cooked.  unless hominy grits counts?
a trimmed down yard.  sad to cut all this pretty stuff down, but who knows when another warm saturday will appear?

a new album downloaded that i have listened to more times than i will admit

and that about sums it up.  happy monday lovers.



1 comment:

  1. Have you read Born to Run yet? You need to try barefoot running, get some more barefoot type running shoes and see if it solves all our pain when you run...who know!