Tuesday, October 16, 2012

surfing in costa rica

i will just tell you right off the bat that surfing was the highlight of the trip for me.  so this post will be about me surfing in manuel antonio.  i rammed my left thigh into the end of the surf board first day out, so i had a huge bruise and scab for the rest of the trip. gross.  the water was warm and the temperatures were perfect.  there are some pretty good rip tides though.  the going rate was around $45 dollars for an hour and then an hour with the board solo.  since it is the off season  in costa rica, i could just walk right up to the beach and start my lesson.

meet charlie.  he was so rad.  i think i caught every single wave i paddled while he was out there with me.  he was big on technique and it made a big difference.  he was a very good instructor.  we had fun and he got after me when i wasn't doing it just right.  o said i was "tearing it up" and i got a few compliments from some other surfers.  charlie said, "you do a lot of sports don't you."  yippee!  

i surfed with pete too.
i love to surf.  the end.

miss ya,


ps more photos of the trip to come!!!

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