Thursday, October 18, 2012

last of costa rica

pretty monies

sloth!  right next to the trail inside the national park.  i got video of him coming down from the top of the tree.

have to admit that the food in costa rica is not very good.  but, the fresh fruit is fabulous and we had some really good smoothies at this fruit stand in jaco.  we also bought a bunch of fruit at the market and made smoothies at the house.
 the coconuts come in handy on the beach too;)
 we spent one of our days hiking and body surfing and laughing really hard at just how much sand filled up the crotch of my suit and caked onto to by boobs after each slam into the beach.  even though we hung the back pack up in a tree those dirty little raccoon's got to it and ate the trail mix.  they were nice enough to unzip it instead of chewing a hole through it though! i'm not kidding.  we had to stack heavy logs on top of it to keep them out. dirty buggers.

we went on a catamaran hoping to see whales.  no such luck.  we went snorkeling, but unfortunately it ended up being an overcast day.  we still saw lots of pretty fish and some dolphins.  the people were quite amusing.
i will tell you that i had not one asthma attack while running in costa rica!  however, i was a sopping wet mess after each run and nothing ever dries out.  my running shoes were wet the whole trip.

we stayed at the los almendros hotel on our last night in manuel antonio.  each place we stayed was super clean.

it was a good trip.  i don't think my hair was ever dry the entire week.  it was so soft and curly. now it feels like straw and my skin and lips feel like they will shrivel up and fall off they are so dry!  coming home with lots of sand in your suitcase is very good thing me thinks...

the end.

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