Friday, October 26, 2012

friday and some kilian

i've been working on my uphill runs the last three weeks. to build my leg strength and stamina and because it causes my knee and hip the least amount of pain.  i have to get these legs stronger.  i've spent as many of my runs as i can up in the hills instead of on the roads going up and down the steepest, rockiest areas.  when we were in costa rica, i was very pleased to be at the top of a steep, rugged road.  i enjoyed running up and down it over and over doing jumping jacks each time i got to the top while i was out of breath.  i am super discouraged about how my body is feeling right now.  i asked o to put my road bike on the trainer so i can spin when my leg won't run.  gotta keep moving.  it's like air to me.  i feel like i am suffocating and trapped if i have to be still.  i need to get a new head lamp this weekend!

the world was covered in white frost this morning when i went for my run.  i love running in the cold so much.  

the moon is almost full.

i actually watched tv last night.  only because i felt depressed.  bad idea.  i watched that brian williams report on lance armstrong.  the whole thing is tragic from every angle you look at it.

my little sister jules is expecting cutie number three.  i am happy for her, but she isn't feeling so hot.  wish i was closer so i could help her out.  

i am taking my pathetic self up to the mountains in the morning.  and i will be muddy.  and that will make me happy.

a song from mel.  electric guest. makes me do a little jig in my seat.

i hope your weekend perfect.  later lovers,


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  1. I feel so gross when I don't get moving and exercising. When I am sick and pregnant, I just lay there and imagine running really fast and hard and biking, and playing frizbee and just invision having all this energy. by the end of both other pregnancies I just about could't stand it.