Friday, October 5, 2012

adios muchachos y muchachas!

we leave for costa rica in the morning!  thank goodness.  must get away.  i will be glad when we are settled and take off and i can get lost in a good book for the seven hour flight(i am headed straight to the barnes and noble from work to find said book).  any real quick suggestions? i want the kind of book that is truly hard to put down.

it will be rainy while we are there.  we are staying in san jose the first night.  then we will head to our tree house in the jungle sunday morning to spend the week.  i hope it is a fantastic.

don't miss me too much.  i will go skinny dipping for you and surfing for you and see a volcano for you and eat delicious food for you and lay in a hammock for you and hike mountains for you and sleep in the jungle for you and have sex on the beach for you.  you can live vicariously through me for the next 9 days!

i hope your weekend is a smashing good time and that your week goes smooth like butter!  talk at ya when i get back.  don't miss me too much(did i already say that?).

xo lovers,


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  1. have fun!!! but sex on the beach.... don't get any sand in any place too sensitive! lol.