Tuesday, October 2, 2012

a song to relax on...i have listened to it over and over.

i can't believe it is october.  time seems to be disappearing before my eyes.  i gained an appreciation last night for just how much earlier it is getting dark these days. i won't be riding my bike up the canyon after work any more this year unless i get off early.  i made it home safe. o wasn't super happy with me ;)

i have been washing my hair with this lavender oil shampoo and conditioner that i got at a hotel.  smells so good that i don't want to get out of the shower.  plus, my hair is so smooth and soft.

i ordered a sporty bikini to wear in costa rica.  grey and hot pink.  it better get here before saturday!  i will be packing lighter than ever for this trip.

i have a bunch of succulents and cacti on my back porch.  is it getting to cold at night for those to be outside?   i probably need to bring them in?  i don't want them to die.

i am glad it is the time of year to eat chili again.  serious.  i love me some good hot chili!

gus is 8 years old this month.

a whole lot of extremely useless information just for you.  carry on.



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