Wednesday, September 5, 2012

weekend scenes...

scenes from a good hedge trimmin

thank goodness my father and brother in law gave up their saturday morning to come over and help us tame hedgy.  front, back, top all the way around.  the thing is ginormous!  it was about 15 feet high and now it is 8.  all of our neighbors were trimming and chopping down trees too.  the neighborhood was alive with the sound of chain saws.  i made a moochie's run to grab everyone a sandwich for lunch.  i rode my cruiser over and fit all the sandwiches in my sweet basket.  had to pump up my tires first though.

we finished off the day with sushi.  of course.

scenes from a pool party

micah turned 6!  and noble helped me jump into the deep end of the pool.  thanks buddy.

scenes from a trail run to gobbler's knob

i approached from big cottonwood canyons butler fork trail head. there were a lot of people up in the canyon on monday, but i saw very few people on this trail.  maybe six.  i basically had the place to myself.  i really wanted to go up both mt raymond and gobbler's knob because they are right next to each other, but i got a late start and didn't have enough time.  this is a really beautiful hike and i will go back in the next couple of weeks hopefully to run up mt raymond.  i gained just over 4000 feet and 10 miles.  though i added a couple of miles checking out this cool single track going around the base of mt raymond.  

i give the salomon xr mission trail runners a thumbs up.  they felt really comfortable.  and i used my waist pack for the first time and i totally dig it.

scenes from the telescope

we asked o's dad to come over on monday night and set up his telescope.  i bought ice cream and sugar cones and we had friends and neighbors come and he gave us an education.  he is serious about astronomy and knows his stuff! which is pretty awesome in my opinion.  if you are interested, there is a star party at the stansbury observatory this weekend and it is free.  i have never been out there...

the end.

have a super wednesday.  the work week is half over.



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