Friday, September 21, 2012

scenes from havasupai

looks a little like paradise in the middle of the desert!

it has changed a lot since the last time i was there because of flooding.  the pools are smaller and not as deep.  it is still beautiful and amazing.  the temperatures were perfect.
we arrived late on friday night to meet the arizona crowd.  we got our packs ready and then we slept on the edge of the cliff.  the temperatures were quite cool and the stars were amazing.  i just laid on my back staring at them for a long long time before rolling over to go to sleep.
we got up early while it was still dark and we ran down in to the canyon to supai village.  we didn't wear our head lamps and the sun came up as we ran.  once we all arrived we hiked to all of the falls to spend the day playing!  we swam and jumped and snacked and warmed our cold wet bodies in the sun.  and then we went to a different spot and jumped back in.
early evening we made our way back up and out of the canyon.  we filed in one by one.  eric was up top first and he had burgers and zucchini grilling with all the fixings set out when the rest of us arrived.  he served us up and we sat on chairs overlooking the canyon and filled our bellies while the sun went down.
then we took baby wipe baths before getting back in the car to make the very long drive home.  orion and i took turns driving.  our other passenger, robbie, was dead to the world in the back seat the entire way home. he is not used to these epic little adventures we do.  at one of the gas stations we stopped at he got up and came in.  he was behind me at the check out counter and he said, "hey cyrie, do i look like a dirty hippie or what?"  i turned around and started laughing.  he has blond curly hair and it was standing straight up in the air everywhere.  he had bare feet covered in dirty bloody tape, his clothes were dirty and gross and he was stinky(well, i may have just been smelling myself at that point).  it was pretty funny.  we got back in the car and i think he was asleep 5 seconds later.
by 4 am we had to pull over for a nap.  we threw down on the grass at cove fort hoping the sprinklers didn't come on us while we slept for 3 hours.  there were elk bugling like crazy.

then home. shower.  sleep.

it was fantastic as usual.  thanks crazy goff family for always taking me with you!



ps here are some of the photos from my iphone...

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