Monday, September 10, 2012

my first half marathon

first of all, this is what i say to owen before i leave the house for a race.  every time.

i was on the bus with all the other crazy people heading up the canyon at 4:00 am saturday morning.  i was second guessing my decision to run in the race the whole way.  we started in the pitch dark and cold with a police escort lighting our way.  my goal was to keep my pace so that i wouldn't bonk and so that i could finish in less than 2 hours.  i did both!!  i finished in 1:55:00.  a bit slow, but that's ok.  11th in my division.  the race ended up being 13.7 miles so that they could have us inside one of the buildings at solitude while we waited to start.  they didn't want us freezing our skinny asses off. 

i was hurting on saturday afternoon.  not gonna lie.  i went to the gateway with my neighbors and they were teasing me because i was having a hard time walking.  i drank lots of water and stretched.  slept in on sunday.  i felt really good when i got up.  just sore calves and hamstrings.  i went for a slow 7 mile walk to loosen my muscles in the afternoon and today i feel fantastic.  i will go for a run tomorrow. 

i really really dig this whole racing bit.  such good energy and i am starting to recognize people from previous races.

thanks to vigor for putting on a great race.  seems like a serious amount of work to organize something like this.

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