Thursday, September 13, 2012

i am off to the grand canyon!

mel gave me a couple of army dudes.  i decided to put them in the dirt with dick.  a good addition to my front room i think.

i wore my highlighter dress to work this week.  it rained that day.  when i put my rain jacket on to leave work, i may or may not have been made fun of and laughed at.  maybe by the same people that ask me if i am planning on having a seizure every time i put this helmet on.  rude.  and funny.  i decided to go with it and have my picture taken to document my fine fashion sense.  remember this outfit?  fine fashions sense indeed. 

do you think it is weird and kind of funny when you see the salt lake city tour bus cruising around town?  with one dude aboard?  it makes me giggle every time i see it.  i mean really, a slc tour bus.  does that dude feel stupid?

harper made a little debut with the neighborhood kids a couple of nights ago when she came over for pizza and movie night(the movie justin and mel made me watch gave me bad dreams.  all night.  but it was funny.)

 i pulled an ass muscle on my run this morning.  it. hurts. a lot.  i kept a heat pad on it any time i was at my desk this morning.  it better feel significantly better by tomorrow or it is going to be a painful weekend.

lehua and i made a little late night retail trip last night.  lets just say we had a good time and laughed pretty damn hard.  maybe i actually pulled my butt muscle trying to walk in those blue suede shoes;)
lehua, we won't discuss on this public blog owen's response to a certain text you sent him.  ok. seriously.

gus fell asleep when i bathed him today.  he is going bald a little on his back.  little old man.

painted my toe nails dark brown tonight and o said you aren't supposed to paint nails brown.

i was supposed to have the day off today but, because of a certain chump i had to come in for and extra and unnecessary trip to a couple of nicu's this morning.  carry on, right.

i am heading to the grand canyon tomorrow for a very quick trip to havasupai.  orion is picking me up at noon.  we will meet the group there.  we are running it.  we will run down into the canyon in the wee hours of the morning and spend the day playing and then run back out same night.  drive home on sunday!  sound familiar?  yep. 

i am kind of bummed to be missing some really fun things happening around here this weekend though:'( 

well, o's little brother and his fiance just got home from africa and we are headed for some thai food.

you can look at photos as i take them on the trip on instagram.  i am cyriesays.

toodles lovers,


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