Friday, September 7, 2012


the gals had a surprise dinner a couple of nights ago at eva for lehua's birthday.  can you say tender, marinated new york steak with avocado butter?  go eat at eva.

chaturanga push ups are hard.

i am running in my first half marathon tomorrow in big cottonwood canyon.  it starts at solitude resort.  the buses take us up there from the finish line at 4 am.  4 am!  wish me luck.

my family has been asked to be part of a genetic study.  should be interesting.

it's friday.

it's a lot crisper and darker running in the am these days.  i like it.

i hope you have a fantastic and adventurous weekend!  i will be going to bed at 8:00 tonight so i can get up at 3:30.  yikes.

french kiss to ya,


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