Thursday, September 20, 2012

a song, a bike ride, a pelvic exam and some greek food

a song for tonight...

i rode my bike up emigration canyon last night.  the leaves seemed neon and so did the sun going down.  i was wishing for a jacket on my way down in the dark and cold.  getting dark earlier and earlier these days.  when i got home i made curry.  we didn't eat until almost 9:30, but it was worth the wait and o played me some good mellow tunes while i cooked.  and can i just say those left overs were a superb lunch today. 

so, i started my day in a decidedly un-stellar fashion with a pelvic exam.  hello blue gloved hand all up in my business pushing on my ovaries.  which are apparently "very small".  funny, we haven't heard of any of my other body parts being called small before!  except for my teeth!  they are too big for my mouth. that is, you guessed it, too small.  good thing i'm not dude.  i would have to compensate by buying a super cab chevy pickup truck.

but, i ended my day with little lady harper and some greek bbq.  she ate my weight in pita bread. those big blue eyes can melt you.

hope your thursday was without any visits to the gynecologist;)



ps i am putting togther a post with photos orion's photos from the grand canyon.  yipee!


  1. So this title totally sounds like a day in my life. Except I'd be giving the pelvic exam and commenting on the small ovaries. :)