Monday, August 6, 2012

weekend photos

it was a great weekend of running for me.  i did a trail run on saturday morning.  from the big water trail head at the top of millcreek canyon, past dog lake, down into big cottonwood canyon mill d, back up to millcreek and back down to where i started. 

i got up early sunday morning and ran a nice 7 mile loop.  from my house, to the top of the avenues, down into city creek and around, and back home.  that is one of my favorite runs. 

this morning i ran a slow easy 3 before work. 

made me happy.

gus isn't permitted on the sofas in the house but, that doesn't mean he doesn't try getting his way by putting on his best pouty face and setting it on the edge.

o almost never stops reading books.  any time during the weekend you can find him reading. 

we roasted some sausages on our fire pit.  and dipped them in cholula.  you can basically eat anything with cholula on it and it tastes good. 

barbacoa is my staple after a trail run or hike.  it hits the spot.

the end.

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