Monday, August 20, 2012


ok.  i am finally getting around to posting my stats from july.  i don't log my swimming on my watch yet.  too much stop and go.  so this is running, biking, hiking...

36 activities:  running 21, biking 11, hiking 4

206.03 miles:  running 58.63, biking 124.72, hiking 22.69

27hrs 13min 56sec:  running 8hrs 33sec, biking  10hrs45min54sec

21,189 ft elevation gain:  running 3,117 ft, biking 9,190 ft, hiking 8,882 ft

7.6 mph avg speed:  running 7.3mph, biking 11.6 mph, hiking 2.7 mph

13,066 calories burned  (i wonder what it is for my swimming.  swimming is a serious work out my friends.  and dani is like a freaking drill sargent.)  running 4, 358c, biking 7,395c, hiking 1, 313c

hope your monday has been a good one...



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