Monday, August 27, 2012

other things that made the weekend good...

 this bandit in my yard.
this cobb salad.  because i was starving by 3:00 on saturday and o, nathan and justin joined me. then we all went to the movie.

 these wicked games of corn hole at a BBQ with friends last night.  and the food was damn good too.
 these people.  my friend karyn was in town for a visit.

this plant mel gave me for my birthday.  because it is going to bloom with little purple flowers soon.


i didn't take a picture of it, but it is quite possible that lehua and i made the best loaves of gluten free zucchini bread that have ever been eaten on saturday night.  we mixed almond and brown rice flour.  when it was done, we ate a piece while it was still warm with butter on it.  and then we scraped the bread pans clean with a fork and ate every last crumb out of them.  we left owen and joey oblivious in the basement with their movie and popcorn.  yep.  we eventually shared...

hope your monday is ok.



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