Saturday, August 18, 2012

i was born

34 years ago today. 

the dead can dance show last night at red butte was amazing.  i had o and lots of friends (lots of old friends from price) there and we had a great time! 

my parents and my brother and his wife all stayed with us last night.  they were in town for a wedding that i am very bummed to have missed.  we didn't get to see much of each other.  o and i got home late and went straight to bed.  luckily we had time to go out to lunch when i got back before they had to head home.
can i just say that 5 am came way too early this morning.  the race was super.  i liked it and it gave me the confidence i need to start entering a bunch.
i placed 2nd in my division.  6th out of the women.  and 12th overall. 

 i dug the bibs.  and the shirts we got are really cool.

i am going to attempt a birthday nap now.  and hope that my poor stomach feels better when i wake up.  it hasn't been doing good the last couple of weeks.  i have been eating a bit of gluten lately and that may very well be my problem.  time to be more strict again...

have a perfect weekend.



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  1. Your blog isn't lame lately. Happy Birthday yesterday!!! I sent a card, did ya get it in time? Way to go on the race!!! That is awesome. Adding a little competition to running can be really fun. I bet you could whip lots of people's asses if you start doing a lot more races:) You are beautiful and never look like crap, oh cyrie. I love you.