Friday, August 24, 2012


had me a fine ride up to the top of emigration last night. the sun was starting to set when i got up to the top and it was just starting to get dark when i finished.  perfect time of day.  there were some serious cold pockets coming back down.  i can't believe that fall is right around the corner.

i am running in black diamonds hidden peak 10k trail race at snowbird tomorrow.  hope my legs are feeling light and bouncy.  i skipped running today to let them rest a bit.  my trail runners are officially done after tomorrow.  they are falling apart.  i am purchasing a new pair this weekend with my birthday money.  gotta love birthday money.

i've got some oingo boingo playing in my ear(they take me back to good times) as i work on another image for photo exhibit.  i am making two entries and i am quite sure that neither will win or even get honorable mention, but it is good practice and it is fun.

my hair is kind of yucky from swimming even though i am using special shampoo.

we hope to work on our yard this weekend and catch a flick.  hope your weekend is the best.



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