Friday, August 3, 2012


hi!  it's friday again.  can you dig it?

hope you didn't miss the moon the last couple of nights.  big. bright. full. awesome.

there is officially a permit with my name on it for mt whitney!  we are doing it up and back in a day. i am going with uncle orion and cousin skylar.  we are meeting uncle mo there. sleeping in the parking lot for a few hours and then up we go.  we will have a blast.  it will be brutal and painful i think.  my kind of thing.  our goal is to get up and back down in 12 hours.  we shall see.

i am really liking learning the breast stroke.  we have been working on it this week.

i am so excited for the usa women's gymnastics team!  i seriously got emotional watching them.  and when they won the team all around and marta karolyi came in for a big group hug.  priceless.  

i need to upload a weeks worth of activity to garmin from my watch.  i know my running and riding times are up.  i bested my time up emigration canyon by 6 minutes last time i rode up.  and my running speed average is up to 7.7 mph.  

i had no idea that these succulents i bought to hang from my porch would get hot pink blooms on them!  

forcing the pooch to go on a walk.  he hates walks. we have to drag him down the driveway and away from the house.  i almost always walk the dog in my pajama bottoms. 
and don't look down my shirt.
 this grass i planted in my front flower bed  reminds me of grass hopper legs every time i look at it.

hope your weekend is perfect.  have sweet dreams.



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