Thursday, August 16, 2012


i feel tired and frustrated and overwhelmed.
i really need a good night of sleep.
i look like shit. i looked in the mirror today and started crying.  boo.
i don't want to get another year older on saturday.
i decided to run in a race for my birthday.  and don't ya know, i'm totally about to start my period any second.  perfect timing.
i wanted to hear iron and wine play tonight, but i am not up for it.  i am going to swim team instead.  sounds refreshing.
i had a three hour dinner with gal pals i haven't seen in way too long last night.  it was good.
i have to come in at the butt crack of dawn to image for a case in the operating room tomorrow.  not good.  i need sleep remember?
i am looking forward with muchness to the dead can dance concert at red butte tomorrow night!

this little blog is lame lately.  sorry.  hope your thursday is going smooth like butter.



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