Monday, August 20, 2012

birthday sushi!

we had birthday dinner with our neighbors. i went with lehua on saturday afternoon to the fresh fish market.  we picked out hamachi, new zealand salmon, tuna, and one other fish i can't remember the name of.  lehua wouldn't let me pay for any of it.  we made a stop and picked out ice cream too. she and joey taught me how to cut the fish right for sushi and i cut it all up.  and then we ate it.  all of it!  there were six of us plus the kiddos(who just happen to love sushi.  they are the best.)  then we had blackberry and chocolate chocolate chip ice cream in gluten free cones with peaches and i read a transformers story to the boys.  a good ending to my day.  thanks neighbors!  i love you guys so much.

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