Tuesday, August 21, 2012

a different kind of day

today has been a bit refreshing for me.  i set my alarm last night so i would be up before the sun and on my road bike.  but, my body and my mind needed to keep sleeping.  so i let myself stay in bed for another hour.   work has been extremely unusual today. in that it has been quiet and slow.  i have been able to mostly stay at my desk and work on some images i am putting together for OPS scientific exhibit for the annual meeting i am going to this year.  it feels good to mix art and science together.  i really like getting to use the artistic side of me.  i am leaving a little early so i can get this mop of hair on my head cut tonight before going to swim.  my friend randy, left me a big bag of fresh vegetables from his garden on my desk this morning and i am looking forward to eating those for dinner!  

i hope you are having a good day.

french kiss,


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