Monday, July 2, 2012

weekend photos

one of the best things about summer.  fresh fruits and vegetables.  i've eaten 2 tomatoes off my plants.  pretty good.

 this badger was serious about digging his hole.  
 my friends bonnie and jeff came hiking with me on saturday morning.  they are pretty much awesome in every way.
(this is bonnie and i.  we showed up to work basically dressed like twins on friday!)

 i do not know how my feet and legs get this dirty when i hike?  but, they do.  why my toes and not my whole foot?

went to the tea grotto with lehua.  this rice krispie treat was really good.  made with lavender infused butter and lavender marshmallows.  mmm.  the free 5 minute massage was nice too!
julia moved away. sad face. she entrusted me with her orchid. 

bbq at the firehouse.  good stuff.  

new plants.  i potted 3 new plants for my porch and i bought three hanging plants.  succulents of course.  they look so cute.  and i bought some new lights to hang up out there.  finally.  a very cozy porch indeed.

the end.

happy monday,


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