Thursday, July 5, 2012


swim is going pretty good better than i thought! my suit still hasn't come yet.  the coach that was there on tuesday night (i was the only girl in the lap pool.  come on lehua.) was an awesome teacher and it felt very productive and positive.  the hour flew by and i am actually a little excited to go tonight to see if i can really use and improve the techniques i learned on tuesday.  justin had told me before class that sometimes they make you do this exercise called 'bobbing' and you do it in the deep end of the pool.  it is to help you control your breathing.  you put your arms above your head and go to the bottom of the pool while blowing air out of your nose, you push of the bottom of the pool, surface, breath in and go back down immediately.  i said no way am i doing that.  he told me not to worry about it that we probably wouldn't do it.  so what does the coach say just before the end of class?  "now we are going to do an exercise called bobbing."  i think i threw up in my mouth a little.  and i told the coach i wasn't doing it.  he wasn't taking no for an answer.  so, i did it.  i can't believe i did.  and it made me feel so happy!   maybe i really am going to get over this fear of mine.

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