Tuesday, July 17, 2012


the moon is in it's waning crescent mode right now.  which o happens to think is the best time to be down in the desert because you can see the stars so bright.

i am very excited for the olympics to start!  yes, i will definitely watch tv for this.  i am excited to see marathoner shalane flanagan run.  

also, read about this priest who trains olympic runners.

and then this article, why we ignore women's sports

this leaf was in my driveway last night.

i bathed strawberries and frozen bananas in dark chocolate over the weekend.  and they were delicious.  do you know how good a frozen banana covered in dark chocolate tastes after a long run or bike ride out in the heat.  i will tell you how it tastes.  damn good.
do you want to know what makes a salad taste really good without using some nasty salad dressing?  after you have everything in your salad that you want, cut up an avocado and squeeze a fresh lemon in there and stir it up.  coats everything with that creamy texture and gives it a little zing.


i am not sleeping again.  last night was the worst.  and when i do finally fall asleep it is for a very short period of time and i have terrible dreams.  i hate it.

we have changed our minds about staying on the caribbean side of costa rica.  we are staying on the pacific side.  better surfing for me.  better exploring for both of us.  o booked us a 4 wheel drive auto for the trip.  sweeeeeet!

hope your tuesday is sunny,


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