Friday, July 13, 2012

oh, hello there. a post i wrote yesterday, but never got around to posting it.

last night was a fantastic night (minus having to go to the grocery store on my home from work).  i made a very fresh and tasty dinner for me and o and then i rode up emigration canyon.  the sun was starting to go down when i got to the top.  the cool air in the canyon felt really good.  have i mentioned how much i love being on that bike?  oh, yes.  yes i have:)  

 angry eyes.
 some sweet bike headlights on a sweet bike parked outside the bakery with sweet stuff inside!
arm warmers from my friend bonnie.  she says they are for wearing at my desk while i work.  because it is like a meat locker at my desk.
 our rug we bought in tunisia.  it looks mighty fine in the kitchen.
spider web in the lawn
and, i was just a little mind boggled by these thongs this girl was wearing on the train the other day?


  1. What the deuce! How can you post a pic of food looking THAT good and not say how to make it? :) mmmm. And the shoes are killing me. Did she have pig tails, put up in those bobbins with circley rocks on them too?

  2. ok.

    black eyed peas, green onion, cherry tomatoes, avocado, corn cut from the cob, fresh lime juice, course sea salt and pepper. stir. eat with red hot blues. mmmm

    big vine tomato with top cut off. lay a big piece of fresh mozzerella on top. broil on medium or low until the cheese is bubbly, melty and golden brown on top. throw some fresh, chopped basil on top before you eat it. mmmm

    quick, easy, delicious and nutritious! yay