Tuesday, June 19, 2012

random bits and facing my phobia

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a slow song for today.  like you said...

wanna see a bulldog ride a rocking horse?

i love these blankets.  i want this one.

pig and a jelly jar.  a new restaurant opened up a couple blocks from my house.  i am looking forward to trying it out as soon as possible!  i wish i could go today because the special is shepherds pie.  mmmm

do you want to know what i am doing tonight?  this is big.  are you ready for it?  my little body is going in a lap pool!  yes, you heard correctly.  i am going lap swimming.  the very first thing that popped into my mind this morning when i woke up was an image of a freaky lap pool.  i've been trying to replace it all day with a better image.  justin is taking me. he swims a couple times a week and there is a group of people that do triathlons that meet and swim and they are looking for women to join them.  perfect.  and they will teach me.  i am getting more nervous as the day goes on. it's completely irrational.  i made justin describe the pool to me in detail including the lighting. i will let you know tomorrow how this goes.  i hope i don't chicken out.  

hope your tuesday is super,


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  1. *hugs* SO proud of you going swimming! Thinking safe, happy thoughts for you! ;)