Wednesday, June 20, 2012

i did it!

the coach at the pool asked me how much swimming experience i had.  none.  he said, "this will be fun."  then he said, "swim to the end of the pool and let me see."  so i did.  and he said, "ok.  not too bad. now you need to do it with your head under the water."  and he showed me the proper breathing and technique.  and i told him i needed to try it first at the shallow end of the pool.  i was in the beginner lane with two other people.  justin was there, but he was two lanes over swimming like a bad ass.  and he came over to check on me a couple of times and help me out.  so i tried it a few times and the coach said, "now you need to swim the whole length."  and so i went for it.  it took me a minute to mentally make myself do it.  i found that i was concentrating so hard on  my breathing and form and choking on so much water that i just did it.  i swam down to the deep end of the pool.  looking at the bottom.  without freaking out.  believe me it creeped me out big time, but i just kept moving and trying.  it is going to take me quite a while to get the whole head turning to the side and breathing down without feeling like i am drowning.  swimming is hard.

this is me.  trying to reach my goals.  toodles,