Friday, June 29, 2012


it is finally friday!  a long week indeed.  a dear friend of ours committed suicide last weekend and we are attending his memorial tonight.  tragic and sad in every way.  we will miss him and so will gus and every one else in the world who had the pleasure of knowing him.

work has been crazy busy and i have kept myself crazy busy at home.  i have cooked lots of comfort foods for dinner (we have had apple wood smoked bacon in three different meals), deep cleaned the house like a son of a bitch, worked on my yard, put in lots of running and biking miles and been overly sensitive and moody this week.  it's what i do when i get over stressed or worried or upset about something. i work.  harder than ever and it makes me feel better.

thankfully my moody blues seemed to lift yesterday.  i was supposed to swim last night, but that fell through.  so, i hopped on my bike and while i was biking last night i realized i had a huge grin on my face.  riding my bike makes me happy.  i love the feeling of going fast.  i love feeling the breeze on my face.  i love that burning feeling in my muscles.  i love the feeling of being free.  i love the feeling of my heart beating hard and fast while sweat runs down my back.  i love feeling alive.  what i don't love is riding through walls of bugs.  seriously, walls or swarms or whatever you want to call it.  the bugs were out of control last night.  i could feel them inside my sports bra, my ears, in my hair and i was pursing my lips so they wouldn't go in my mouth, but they just flew up my nose instead.  i had so many bugs stuck between my boobs! eeeeeek.  when i stripped of my clothes to get in the shower i truly had dead bugs stuck all over me.  when i unrolled the cuff in my short, yes, a little pile of dead bugs fell on the floor.  don't worry.  i jumped on the motorcycle with o and went out for frozen yogurt while still covered in sweat and said dead bugs before the shower.  cuz i'm classy like that!

i ordered me this swim suit that won't move and twist while i swim.  that was a problem last time.

i forgot.  i got this first ascent jacket a bit ago.  i love it.  it is perfect for running, biking, hiking and riding the motorcycle in when the weather isn't perfect.  it is tiny, lightweight and packs down into nothing for backpacking.  love it.  they sold out of the awesome color i ordered though.

i snagged the time off for mount whitney and havasupi!  which worked wonders for my bad mood.

and here is something big.  something superb!  o and i booked our flight to costa rica!!!!!!!  we are going for a week in october to celebrate our 15th (yes, i said 15th) wedding anniversary a couple of months early.  i am beyond happy about it.  i intend to surf.  surf some more.  and then surf.  and hike. and explore.  and see the sun rise and see the sun set.  and feel salty and sandy.  and eat food.  and hear o speak spanish.  and surf.  maybe with some hot surf instructor?

 did you see the sky while the sun was setting last night?  if not, you missed out.  look up once in a while.  it makes life better.

 and just some scenes from the week.

so from the interweb to you, have a superbly stellar weekend!  i am going hiking with my friend bonnie in the morning.  i really want to see the movie bernie and i think it is playing at the tower!

big hug little kiss,


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