Friday, June 15, 2012


i love this post.  tear.  i wonder all the time...

i like this video and talk about changing education paradigms.

i dig  this song.

i like these picture texts o sent me this morning.

i had text him a couple of hours after i arrived at work to ask him if it came.  he text me back a photo of the open box just so i couldn't see the bike inside.  i text him back and said he was mean and attached a photo looking down my shirt so he couldn't see my boobs and said, "for example". very mature. i should not have told you that.

 i like the seat o ordered to replace the crappy one that comes on the bike.
i love these two.

i like that it is time for the weekend to start and that the weather will be sunny and warm and that it is time for me to go home.



ps have a happy weekend.  i love you dad.

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