Friday, June 8, 2012


what's on the agenda for your weekend?  it's gonna be windy tomorrow!

for me:

order road bike as soon as o and i get home tonight.  most important.  dear bathroom, you can wait a little longer to start being remodeled.  sorry.
movie in the park tonight with justin and mel.
toilet paper and paper towel stop at the costco.  i hate going there because you know i won't be leaving with just tp and paper towels.
farmers market opens downtown tomorrow.  gotta go.
hike.  of course.
listen to justin's nathan perform with his choir.  i fully plan to do this to justin and mel during the performance. the pez!!!  i hope they get it.
paint my fingernails.  it has been over a month.
make s'mores in our backyard with the neighbors.
see the avengers.
hope this headache and nausea i've had for the last 3 days goes away.  now.
make sure o and gus feel loved.

the end.  have a rad weekend.

big hug little smooch,


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