Tuesday, June 12, 2012

best run, bike, book, magazine, music, and one impressive woman

i had the best run ever sunday after church!  i kept going and going and going and i felt so great.  fantastic my friends.  i have to say that i am totally babying my left leg though because the outside of my right calf feels a soreness it never has before.

i am beyond ecstatic for my road bike to arrive.  it will be here friday.  can you dig it!  i can tell you what o will be spending his friday night doing.  putting my bike together. good thing he kinda likes me.

my good friend from high school, jenny bosworth, recently published a book.  maybe you've heard of it.  struck.  i picked it up last weekend and started reading it.  she is on book tour right now and was in salt lake yesterday for a book signing at the downtown library.  like a total and complete moron, i thought she would be here today!  she will be in provo tonight and i am totally tempted to drive down there so i can see her and have her sign my book!  i really wish i wouldn't have messed that up.  i feel bad.  this is really, really big deal for her.

while i was at barnes and noble picking up jenny's book, i also picked up the june issue of triathlete magazine.  i loved reading it.  here is the july issue.

i am excited for the twilight concert series this year. band of horses.  passion pit.  austra.  iron and wine.

there are amazing, amazing role models out there for young women.  i just feel like they don't know it.  i want them to though.  women are rad.  they can do anything.  our boobs, butts and silky hair(or lack thereof) do not define us.  we are intelligent, talented, amazing creatures and we should live up to our potential.  take sasha digiulian for example.  impressive.  i look up to her and she is nearly half my age.  check out her photo gallery here.  read her interview in the july issue of outside.

that was a mouthful!  have a most fantastically superb tuesday.



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