Monday, May 21, 2012

weekend in photos...

i heart poppies.  a lot.

my hike up granduer peak on saturday morning.  so good.

dinner at vinto with o's little brother and his woman.  they are leaving for africa soon.  can i just say that coconut gelato + dark chocolate gelato =  perfection!  the service and atmosphere there is fantastic and so is the food.
my cuddly baby

a cruise on the motorcycle.

i bought this book on friday on my way home from work.  i just about finished it over the weekend.  it's a tear jerker.  she is so incredible.  

gus and i having breakfast out on the porch.  i love to take breakfast outside on sunday along with my book while still in my pj's and just lounge in the sunshine listening the pond fountain while o snoozes.  ahhhh.

pretty things on my walk to church

and now i will do a separate post in honor the eclipse!  awesome.


  1. I really like a lot of these photos. They are awesome and I love your melon colored tank with the hot pink, so cute. My mouth is watering or the gelato too. btw, can you imagine having cleavage clear up to your neck?

    1. when i said melon i meant like cantalope color, not green. and i meant to say my mouth is watering for the gelato too. and I guess she doesn't have cleavage up to her neck, but just about.

  2. I am gonna die laughing. I was going to comment on Cyrie's great pix and fun weekend and NieNie's book. But once you start talking about the lack of boobage in this family...I am at a loss for words.

  3. you guys are seriously cracking me up! i love it. boobage!