Wednesday, May 30, 2012

not so deep thoughts by cyrie

i have this twin shadows song on repeat.  five seconds.

i am digging those light, earthy pastel colors as of late.  soft grays, dusty rose...

on my short term goal list i have 'no meaningless purchases'.  does splurging on say 4 or 5 new pair of colorful jeans for the summer count? fine. 2 pair. also, i need chums.

i am currently taking a break from reading a journal article on retinopathy of prematurity because i am not retaining anything i am reading at the moment.

i went biking last night and it was a welcome break from running.  my left leg is killing me again.

things become so monotonous.  at times you don't realize it until you do something different and it is so refreshing.

the only way coconut m&m's could be better is if they were dark chocolate.  can someone do something about that?

hope your wednesday has been superb so far!



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