Wednesday, May 16, 2012

escalante weekend!


12 of us.  10 dudes and 2 gals.  i was pleasantly surprised to find that o's 19 year old cousin erica would be joining us.  
o's brother along with uncle orion and cousin 'the cheif' picked me up at lunch time on thursday and we headed to the desert.  we met up with the arizona crowd at the trail head and hiked in.  we camped right on the escalante river.  the weather could not have been more perfect.  serious.  

we woke at dawn on friday and headed to choprock.  i am proud to say that we did the entire thing with our  group of 12 in 11 and half hours. start to finish!  because we rock!  i have to say that choprock was the coolest most technical canyon i have had the pleasure of doing.  thank goodness for my scuba diving wet suit.  it was freaking cold and wet in that canyon.  lots of repels and swimming.  beautiful pools and vegetation.  some super dark areas.  it is easy to see how one could become cold and fatigued and stuck in a technical spot.  not a canyon for the under-experienced or under-dressed!

on saturday morning we headed for neon.  we ran into a group of three who had done neon the day before.  they told us not to bring our wet suits.  which turned out to be fantastic because we didn't have to pack them out heavy and wet!  we definitely got wet and i had to swim a section because i am so damn short, but that canyon sees some sun and the water levels were pretty low.  so, it was perfect.  the golden cathedral at the end is amazing.  amazing!

we headed back to camp, packed up and hiked out.  hiking out is brutal.  steep.  sandy.  hot. we stopped in escalante for some seriously good burgers .  i walked in my door sunday morning at 1:00 am.  took a hot shower and fell into bed.  it was awesome.  the end.

neon canyon

hiking out

eating meat!!!!

 i will finish this post and elaborate on the adventure soon!  need. more. time.