Thursday, May 10, 2012

catch ya later

well, i'm off on my adventure!  this will be the first time i have gone canyoneering without owen(insert sad face).  he is super excited for me to go and got out all of my gear and packed it for me last night while i went to rei and bought my food.  he is the master at packing a backpack the right way.  my pack is so heavy!  everything in there except for my stove, water filter and climbing helmet are in compression bags to make it fit with that damn wet suit. plus, i've got an extra pack for the canyons.

neptune divers rent thick full body wet suits for $20 for 5 days.  they are super helpful and nice.  they have you put it on and then they check the fit.  they come in two pieces.  the dude had man handle me into the second piece.  it was pretty funny.  i was all flushed and sweating trying to get the whole thing on.  i was in the women's locker room giggling trying to get it off.

we are driving down soon and hiking in to where we will camp.  tomorrow we will do choprock canyon. it will be a 12 hour day!  on saturday we will do neon canyon.  i am both totally stoked and nervous!  i really hope to get a few pictures somehow.  can't really stop and snap photos while swimming through 45 degree water?

hope you have an adventurous weekend!

big kiss little hug,


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