Friday, April 20, 2012


this has been a shitty week.  

these are the pants they had me put on for the ct scan i had of my innards a couple of days ago.  my entire body fit in one pant leg.  i know because i started giggling in the dressing room as i put myself into said pant leg.  in fact there was room to spare.

i purchased new running shoes on wednesday from salt lake city running co.  i ran in several different pair and brands before i picked one.  i went with the saucony power grid triumph 9. that was a mouthful. i hope i like them.  they make my feet look ginormous!

remember the cute heels i ordered?  they didn't fit :(  and they didn't have any left in the size i needed.  i ended up getting 2 other pair instead.

a picture of a water tower from me to you.

i love mixing orange juice and milk together.  it is perfect that way.

lavender nail polish sounds good.  no?

we are making s'mores with the neighbors tonight on our little fire pit.  and i am finally making this for dinner.
i will definitely get some good runs in.  the weather will be superb!  we are getting our teeth cleaned.  bleh.  and we need new clothes for the wedding.  hope your weekend is sunny where ever you are friends.

sweet dreams tonight,


ps things will get more shitty for me soon.  i get to have a colonoscopy on monday. super!  gag

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