Wednesday, December 1, 2010

scenes from thanksgiving: part 1

i think two highlights of my visit to price, ut for thanksgiving include a trip to DI and the dance party i organized while my parents were away on a walk with the dog.  everyone was required to participate.  i think we upset the neighbors with our loud  music, but we had to have the dance party in the garage so we had lots of room the get down.  and get down we did!  seriously, i think i had swass.
these are the kinds of things you do to entertain yourself when you are in price, in the middle of a winter storm...

ps  i scored a rad jacket and some sunglasses on the trip to DI

the jacket is pale, yellow leather and is in perfect condition
don't be jealous


  1. I love the super cool glasses...I can only dream of having glasses as cool as those! It looks like you guys had a blast for Thanksgiving. I was glad to hear that you were all able to get together and a bit jealous since I didn't get to see my family this year. Did you bless Julee's new baby? Jessica...:-)

  2. awesome pics! funny post. i hope to get to post soon too. we miss u. thanks for having us stay in your cool guest room:)

  3. About the dance party: Grandma and Grandpa took Rowan to wash Grandpa's truck (and secretly to get him to fall asleep and take a much needed nap!)and when we came back the house and garage were rockin! and the neighbors were outside lookin to see what was goin on in the neighborhood. Grandpa joined in and danced with Carlee! So glad it was fun for all. A great thanksgivin! Even liked the turkey for a change!