Monday, December 13, 2010

a few random things

o and i went and saw tangled in 3D this weekend.  o practically had to drag me out the door to get me to go, but i ended up really liking it.  i was able to get some Christmas shopping done on saturday while o and his dad worked on the floors. again.  it seems we will be flooring for an eternity.  they have done such a good job and i am sure they are sick of it!  the only room left is our bedroom and then it is on to floor boards...anyhow, i am making lots of homemade gifts this year.  well, i usually do i guess.  last night i sat on the bed and made jewelery and watched movies while gus and o laid next to me snored.  loud. 

 i forced owen to go into angthropology with me after the movie and we came out with this lovely butter dish.  we needed one.

 gus got in big trouble on sunday.  i was laying in the bath reading my book and when i went into the bedroom to get dressed,  i found gus not just on the bed(without permission), but on my pillow!  chump

does anyone else eat quinoa for breakfast?  i warm it up and eat it with a little milk and cinnamon on it and i love it.  the thing is, it keeps me full, which is nice because i am always hungry.  o thinks it's weird.  whatev.


  1. I am seriously loving that dish! I could pretty much live in that store...except that we do not have one! And I like quinoa at other times...I will try it for breakfast.

  2. Hmmm. quinoa for breakfast? I guess it's kinda like oatmeal... or maybe rice pudding? I've eaten those for breakfast before. I'll bet I could get my rice pudding recipe to work with quinoa. That would be a nice breakfast. :) Do you do red quinoa or regular?

    Gus looks SO cute in that pic. Squooshy faced, a little defiant, and a little "oh crap, I'm busted." :) Haha. He's such a doll. :)

  3. i haven't tried the red quinoa. i'll give it a whirl.

  4. tangled?! so glad you guys went TOGETHER!!! and that butter dish is to die for!!! I bet your butter tastes better now because of that gorgeous dish...

  5. Love the butter dish! Want one! Gussy is my favorite dog - in line after Skilly the Wonder Dog, of course. I always love visiting your fun fun fun blog. Keep posting. Love you tons - Mom