Monday, November 22, 2010


went to mazza for dinner on friday night with friends.  i love the lamb and spinach dish.  the hummus is divine and so is the limeade with orange blossom water!  yum.  o and his dad got the wallpaper hung on saturday,  thank you!!!!  they ran out just before finishing. the pattern repeats every 36 inches instead of every 18 inches, so there was a lot wasted because you have to make the pattern match up (which they did perfectly).  so there is just a small area beside and above the closet left.  the bummer is that it comes only in a double roll and that costs $105!  We already used three rolls.  boo.  not much we can do except order more....  they also got the west elm dining room light hung and
 i love it.  it looks better in person.  so come over and see it!

i finally feel like the house is getting to a point where i feel comfortable having people over. our cute friends Justin&Nathan and Mel&Moses came over for dinner on saturday night.  it was snowing huge flakes outside and we had lots of candles lit on the table.  it felt super cozy.  i made carrot soup.  doesn't sound too exciting, but it was so good.   i used carrots from my mom's garden.  o made his chocolate cake again for mel's birthday.  my friends brought a really good bean and curry soup, lots veggies and crusty breads.  we ate well and laughed our heads off playing games.  i love having people at my house and i love cooking for them.  i think i will wait to have a larger group of friends over until the living room is all furnished.  soon! 

we've got the guest room mostly put together.  We need a new light and some window covers.  Hopefully we can get that taken care of before wednesday!  i will post some pictures when it is complete...

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