Thursday, November 11, 2010

some music

first of all, this daylight savings crap is really throwing me off.  i haven't slept all week, well,  i never sleep, but i am really feeling it this week.  i think it is the part about it already being dark when i leave work.  that instantly makes me feel more tired.  my eyes are red and irritated and puffy and i have a headache.  blah.  anyway....enough complaining about that. 

i haven't posted a song for a bit.  the cocteau twins are one of my all time favorites.  amazing.  elizabeth fraser's voice is one of a kind.  she sang at both of the massive attack concerts o and i went to.  i'm sure you've heard the song teardrop.  she sings like an angel.  so, here are a few of my favorite cocteau twin songs...

album art from here

                                                                                             violaine or this version

there are so many more i want you to hear, but this post is getting too long already.  enjoy!

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  1. Love it. Love you. Sorry couldnt make it the other night. Lets get together soon