Wednesday, October 27, 2010

we're back!

and we had a fabulous time, minus the car ride home...bad weather, tired, grouchy, etc.  my friends justin and nathan came with us and they were the perfect people to go on the road with.  the highlight of the trip for me was definitely the concert.  i have never been to a concert where the crowd was so charged and energetic.  same with the band.  it was like everyone was having the time of their life!  loved it.  lots of people collaborated on the 'plastic beach' album.  lots of different vocalists, strings, brass at the concert...  one of my favorite concerts ever and that is saying something because i have been to so many.  anyway... we ate some really good grub.  denver is a great city for good eats.  we ate at an amazing vegetarian place on 17th street - another highlight of the trip.  we wandered on 16th street.  it was zombie night and boy there were a lot of them.  fake blood everywhere.  it is a pedestrian only street (trains and little buses, no cars).  which is exactly what they should do with main street here in salt lake city btw!  we went to the park.  we rode a gondola and toured some caves in glenwood springs.  we played uno.  soaked in the hot tub.  it was a good trip all around. 

riding the gondola up to the caves
yes, i am aware that i look 12 in this picture

this is a living cave 
so cool
the lady that gave us the tour was super goofy
our drive from glenwood springs to denver

the cap from justin's beverage

 o's shirt
justin's tattoo

just a real cool fence at the park

we stopped in to urban outfitters for longer than all the men preferred
that hat is seriously furry

 my salad had roasted beets, cashews, oranges, black sesame seads, goat cheese, arugula... heaven

this is the vegetarian place we ate at before the concert
o and i shared the sweet potato and black bean tacos and the best salad i have ever had the pleasure of meeting!
it had such great earthy decor and the painting are just magical with the creatures
i would love one of those paintings for my house
check the menu here
if you are ever in denver, i highly recommend gettin some grub here
thanks to justin and nathan for finding it
ok, i will post pictures from the concert in a bit because this post is getting way too long!

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