Friday, October 8, 2010


my crimeny.  seems everything has gone wrong...  remember my post yesterday about cory?  well, i got a text from my mom last night saying that he crashed his motorcycle while training yesterday.  he went to the orthopedic surgeon and his hand is broken in 6 places. ya.  sometimes life is a real bitch huh? the race is next month.  hope it heals real fast.  and then. yes, and then, my mom text me while i was at lunch today to tell me my grandpa fell while he was working on his garage and broke ribs, hurt his back and tailbone.  if things happen in 3's, does my broken water main count for my broken thing or should i be really careful on my way home from work today? 

anyway, my plan for the weekend is to try and not work on the house even though there are a million things to be done.  need a little break, i mean hiatus from that.  tonight i am baking and making thank you cards for everyone that helped us with repairs last weekend. i am thinking about what music i should listen to while i bake.  very important to set the mood you know.  i wish i could afford to buy everyone a gift certificate for a massage.  tomorrow i am heading out with my cutie pie friends to the farmers market, lunch, matinee and such.  i am looking forward to it and i know o is looking forward to watching some football!

have a great weekend and don't hurt yourself cuz i can't handle it...


  1. Sondre Lerche...good baking music. But sheesh too bad about Cory and your Grandpa.

  2. Cyrie, can I just say, I love your blog. You are such a funny gal and I am so glad you are my friend. Thanks for making me laugh.
    PS - I think its hilarious when you write cuss words in you blog!!!!

  3. Thanks Jer. You're nice comment made my day! We sure should get together more often...
    PS - I think I came out of the womb saying cuss words. It's just the way I am and I can't stop.