Monday, October 11, 2010

no thanks

next time o's dad offers us an eggplant from his garden i will say, "no thanks". i decided this weekend that it doesn't matter what you do to an eggplant it is never going to taste good.  it's a shame really, because they are so pretty.  even smothered in marinara. not good.  i've never met an eggplant i liked...

anywho, the weekend was pretty good.  i bought a delicious loaf of lemon, sage bread at the farmers market. so good.  i am sad the farmers market will be ending soon.  however, i couldn't be happier about this fall weather.  and i love the way it smells and sleeping with the windows open.  it is so chilly in the bedroom in the morning.  i got all my thank you cards made and delivered with the cookies i baked except for 2 people.  that's pretty good i think. i bet i will have to make another batch of cookies because i left the rest on the kitchen table and i know o won't keep his hands off!

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