Tuesday, September 7, 2010

last of taos

Those boys love Uncle Owen

Harper was mildly obsessed with O's watch
he wore it more than O did
The Higdon abode sits on an acre of land and is surrounded by mountains
you have a great view of Taos from the front porch...

Angie and I got away for some shopping and a movie (Eat Pray Love) 
and we let this fella give us a ride to our car

So, I'm finally going to finish up posting about the Taos trip a million years later.  I have been sick and on top of that super busy!  Anyway...  We went for ice cream at the famous Taos Cow and Angie wasn't kidding when she said it was the best ice cream ever.  The white chocolate, pistachio was to die for.  So was the cinnamon!  O ordered a gyro and that was amazing as well.  If you are ever in Taos, I suggest going to the Taos Cow.

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