Tuesday, September 14, 2010

funny story from paul's paella party

this is from an email that he sent out the day after the party.  it tickled my funny bone and i was laughing out loud at work when i was reading it yesterday.  this is what happened after most of us had left for night:

"However, most of you missed the event of the night, a 3 feet fireball spewing out the back of one of the grills (not my paella pan). We were trying to burn off the Halibut residue and clean the grill, when a grease fire started in the catch pan underneath. As Kandon and Grant disconnected and removed the propane tank to prevent the possibility of a Hollywood-size explosion off the North tower roof top, I pulled the burning inferno away from the wall. We all watched in awe and wondered if it would go out by itself...the answer would be "no". Building security watched in horror via the security camera and ran up to see whether to call the firestation and evacuate the building. Seeing how we had already taken appropriate action and isolated the fire, the security guard yelled repeatedly into his walkietalkie, "don't call the fire truck, don't call the fire truck," as we heard sirens wailing nearby in the quiet Salt Lake night. Turns out those sirens were destined for some other BBQ-party gone-bad. All I could think was, what was that narrator saying about grease fires in that circa 1950's educational film on fire safety that I was forced to watch in middle school during home-economics? Jeannie to the rescue as she whispered into my ear, "baking soda." I never thought that 4 year old box of baking soda in the back of my fridge would ever see the light of day, but there it was as I used it to douse the flames and Grant gave it one last puff for a final snuff. Mission accomplished; Between the fire ball and the baking soda, there was not one molecule of Halibut residue remaining."

Have a restful Sunday, and see you back at work on Monday!


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