Tuesday, August 3, 2010


this post is a little out of order
When I rode my bike on Saturday, I came upon the International Peace Gardens. I had never been there before. I didn't even know where they were. They are beautiful. I stopped and took a bucket load of pictures and plan to go back soon with a picnic.

Friday night I went to dinner with some friends at Rino's. We had a great time and as always, the food was great. I had linguine with pesto, potatoes and fresh green beans! The waiter brought us a couple of plates of breaded, fried squash blossoms from the garden. They were so good. It is so fun this thing we do. I think I may have already told you about it, but maybe not. This group of friends and I go out to a different place to eat once a month. We range in age from about 25ish to 65ish. What a great group of people. We have lots to talk about.

here's me. on sunday. wearing a skirt that i bought a very long time ago and have never worn. because i didn't know what to wear with it. and, because it's kind of hard to wear a super cute, high wasted, white, pencil skirt when your in nursery for 2 hours every sunday with sticky children crawling all over you. well, i am not in nursery any more! i saw it in my closet on sunday and decided it was time to break it out. i wore it with a v-neck t, a corduroy vest and some wedges. hope i don't look too silly.
I cooked a feast on Sunday. We had company. O's brother Morgan and his lovely girlfriend Leah. I only took a picture of dessert. That's vanilla bean ice cream stuffed in the middle and yes, they were so freakin good. It was the perfect treat to eat out on the porch on a hot summer night.


  1. I think you look darling, of course! You could not look silly if you tried to - except maybe when wearing a Nacho Libre' mask in a beach house in Mexico works for you!

  2. Wow the Peace Garden's were a beautiful find! A great place to spend time I would say.

  3. You look gorgeous...never silly. Well almost never. And if you are going to only take one pic of the food, it may as well be dessert! Love the gardens. Show me where next time we are there?