Monday, August 16, 2010


top of the mornin to ya! it is still morning, barely. it won't be by the time a finish this post... got a few projects accomplished this weekend. i got the guest bedroom all primed and ready to paint. O took off doors and light switch covers and power outlet covers and.... i finally made it to this really cute design store that i've been meaning to go to forever. it is called Walls. check it out here. i ordered several wallpaper samples for the guest room. it is the only room that will have wallpaper and i'm feelin like i got a wild hair. i'm going for it. something colorful and flashy. which is big for me because i'm all about white walls. it will be a week or so before i get the samples. i brought home these three. i really like the silver and mustard yellow one a lot. the other two are ok.
oh, and i bought that super cute lamp at Walls as well. the lamp shade is white, but when you turn on the light you can see an outdoor scene. i love it. i put it in our bedroom.

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