Friday, August 20, 2010

there is a little drool on my face...
so pretty
dad, don't worry - i drool every time i walk in my door and see the kitchen you made me!

images found here

i am at my desk doing a little editing and listening to zeppelin. i woke up with a headache on tuesday morning and it hasn't gone away. i can't take any more ibuprofen or i will have a hole in my stomach. i haven't had much of an appetite and i have been somewhat nauseated since the headache started. bleh. anyway, i have to work tomorrow. there is a family of 6 with a certain genetic eye disease that one of the doctors is doing a study on. they are coming from another state. in order to get them all imaged on the same day and in a timely manner, one of my coworkers and i are coming in on a saturday. yuck! o is going to get a new window installed in the guest bedroom while i am working so that when i get home i can finish painting the room. i received most of my wallpaper samples in the mail this week. i think i am waiting on two more samples, but i think i've already made my decision. now i just need to find out how much it cost! i don't think i want to know... i also have to get us ready for our trip next week. we are headed to taos, new mexico. i am so looking forward to it. it will be a busy weekend. i will start it by going to dinner with friends tonight at a german pub.
happy weekend to you!


  1. Oh my gosh! That isn't your house is it??? It looks like it's out of a magazine!!! Crazy beautiful! Sorry about the headache. Hope you get feeling better. ;)

  2. So sorry about the headache! I get those sometimes that last for days! So not fun! Hope your better now! And, I want that kitchen too. Wish we could have gotten together in UT. Next time for sure!! :)