Monday, August 9, 2010

cabin weekend

It's Monday. I don't love Monday's. O well, make the best of it right? So, I heard Sharon Jones and Dap Kings play on Thursday night. I had a million things to do and and O wasn't up to going. I had to run to the store and the library, so I hopped on my bike, ran my errands and then headed over to the park. I wasn't there for very long, but man they put on a great show! I am so glad I didn't miss it completely. That woman can sing. Anyway...

We headed to the cabin this weekend and took O's family with us. It was beautiful. Rainy and cool. It smelled like pine trees and rain. I took lots of pictures when I went running by the lake on Saturday morning because it was absolutely gorgeous. It was an easy going weekend. Grandpa took the kids out on the sunfish. They loved it. I didn't want to come home at all. I have insomnia of the worst kind, but at the cabin it is so dark and cool at night. I actually got a little sleep. At home you've got city lights and neighbors 5 inches away with lights on, oh and little lights from all of the electronics and it is just never really dark. We got home last night and we watched the show "Kinky Boots". It is based on a true story. I really liked it.

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  1. You are a natural photographer! I love your photos so much!