Monday, July 12, 2010


The weekend was nice. I rode bikes with my friends to the outdoor movie again this Friday. This time they showed Blind Side. We made a a little stop on the way to grab food from Chipolte so we could picnic while watching the flick. On the way home we stopped off at a coffee shop for dessert. I got a dark chocolate, lemon truffle. The teeny bopper girls working the counter were ditsy. We all rode back to my place and played with Gus a bit and probably woke the neighbors! I feel like I am in high school again on these Friday nights. It's good. Poor O has long, tedious days on Friday and gets home late, so he hangs out with Gus while I'm gone.
I bought a new summer quilt for our bed and new curtains for the dining room. In what color you ask? Both in white. Of course. There is just something about white. I love it.
O and I lounged a bit watching movies, riding the motorcycle, walking the pooch and eating good food on Sunday. I picked up my parents from the airport Sunday morning. They were coming home from a week back east visiting Jules. I fed them breakfast and they headed home a little haggard. NYC was in a major heat wave while they were there. yuck!
every meal outside on the weekend...
Sunday diner:
swordfish steaks
brown rice
greens from the garden
fried zucchini from the garden
home squeezed lemonade with raspberries

my hen had a chick!


  1. I haven't been keeping up with your blog and just viewed all of June and July so far. It is anything but boring! I loved every entry. I love you too! You are the most beautiful women ever - even standing next to a persian super model.